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Fitting & Tooling

MLC pipe Fittings & Tools Concept

Uponors range of fittings, consisting of couplings, elbows, tees and a large number of other system components leaves nothing to be desired: Pressing or screwing – both methods can be used to ensure a permanently tight connection. With the advanced press fitting generation, Uponor is offering a multi-layer composite pipe system with reliable test safety. The fitting is designed so that pressure testing reveals non-pressed connections which would discharge water – a smart system designed for your safety. An additional bonus is the clever range of tools for fast and convenient installation.

Connection By Screwing
Uponor screw fittings are available for diameters from 12 to 25 mm and fit all Uponor nipples, elbows, tees, transitions and manifolds. For example, a tee can be formed into a reducing tee by combining various different sized pipe screw fittings with identical threads. The system reduces warehousing costs and facilitates ordering procedures.

Connection By Pressing
Press fittings are available for all practical applications. Press fittings of tin plated brass are available for all sizes from 12 to 75 mm. The system also includes composite fittings of PPSU in the sizes 16 to 32 mm. Specially developed clamp fittings are available for diameters 90 and 110mm.

Pressure sleeve of metal fittings
The pressure sleeve for dim. 16-32 mm of high quality aluminium is permanently connected with the fitting body. That means the O-rings are protected against mechanical effects during transport and handling. The integrated window enables a check to be made during installation to see whether the pipe is correctly inserted.

Uponor Pressing Tools
Uponor pressing jaws are designed specially for use in conjunction with Uponor electrical and battery-operated pressing tools.

In case pressing tools of other make will be used the respective manufacturer should be contacted in order to approve the qualification, warranty and operational safety.

A range of clever tools from pipe cutters to bevelling tools rounds off the MLC pipe system.

PEX Fittings & Tools Concept

Uponor PEX pipe is manufactured to BS7291 Class S, for use with Uponor PEX fittings – the unique system concept from Uponor.

Uponor PEX fittings are available in selection of PPSU plastic fittings and DZR brass fittings. The Uponor PEX joint is formed due to the unique elasticity of Uponor -PEX and the final joint is as strong as the pipe.

Uponor PEX pipe can also be used with compression fittings which conform to BS EN 1254 when used together with the Uponor pipe insert. This gives the installer the choice to use a traditional jointing method.

Uponor PEX Fittings
Uponor PEX pipe can be joined using the unique Uponor PEX system. The following points must be strictly observed.

  • All installations should be made by a Uponor trained and certificated installer.
  • Always use the special Uponor PEX expander tool.
  • Always use the correct sized PEX ring.
  • Always use the correct sized PEX fitting.
  • Please observe that the PEX joint needs longer waiting time before testing the joint at lower temperatures.
  • The Uponor PEX fitting must only ever be used with Uponor PEX pipe.

Uponor PEX Components
When making a Uponor PEX joint it is important to use the correct sized ring and fitting, the correct sized expander head and not to exceed the maximum number of expansions. Observing these requirements will ensure that a good joint is always achieved.

An expansion tool with a choice of head sizes is available. Choose from a manual or battery-powered tool.

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