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Polyethylene piping products

Uponor is the leading supplier in the UK for polyethylene piping products for use in underfloor heating and plumbing applications. The systems may be used in both new construction and refurbishment projects.

The Uponor Group of companies, helped to pioneer the technology on which modern floor heating systems depend. The company has perfected a special technique of producing cross-linked polyethylene or PEX; a material ideally suited to heating or plumbing applications, and was the first company to produce PEX-pipes commercially.

An unbroken company history dating back to 1620 and literally millions of metres of pipe supplied worldwide, underpin Uponor lead in modern hot water systems technology which conform to International standards.

Uponor has been involved with 'green' issues long before the term 'environment' became fashionable. Our intention is to continue in ever increasing environmental excellence, combined with innovative material and system design.

Uponor pipe manufacturing conforms to, or exceeds many International Standards. It is certificated according to full ISO 9001 requirements, SS-EN ISO 14001 and the SWEDAC Accreditation Bureaux. This accreditation covers the design, development and production of all tubes, components and pipe systems manufactured from plastic and other composite materials.

Specifically in the UK, Uponor are unique in holding the British Board of Agrement Certificate (87/1799) for Underfloor Heating Systems which will have a minimum life of 60 years. The PEX pipes used for all our potable water systems are free from all harmful toxins and are fully approved by the WRc, Scottish Office and British Gas.

The production of our plastic pipes require only a quarter of the energy requirement needed to produce steel equivalents and if incinerated, our PEX material emits only carbon dioxide and water. A considerable overall benefit to the environment.

Multi-layer Composite Pipe

With our five-layer composite pipe, we have developed an advanced product that unites the advantages of a metal and plastic pipe and eliminates the disadvantages of both materials at the same time. This offers product advantages that are second to none: The aluminium core is absolutely diffusion tight; it reliably prevents the ingress of oxygen. It compensates and reduces snap-back forces and heat expansion with changes of temperature. The system is designed for easy, safe and fast pipe installation; simply bend, cut to length, bevel, join and press – that’s all!

A unique bond
Uponor’s multi-layer composite pipe consists of an overlapped, longitudinally welded aluminium pipe with an inner and outer layer of high temperature-resistant polyethylene. All layers are permanently bonded together by intermediate adhesive layers. A special welding technique ensures high reliability. The aluminium thickness has been specially selected to meet compressive and flexural strength requirements.