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Uponor Pre-insulated Pipe (Ecoflex) - Product Details

Product Matrix - Product Selection

Use the following product matrix to choose the system to suit your needs. Click on the product picture to view more detailed information. Click the ‘user registration button’ to be able to access downloadable PDFs for each product.

Supra Aqua Thermo Quattro
Medium: Medium temperature Operating pressure
Potable water, cold 20°C 16 bar x
Potable water, warm 95°C 10 bar x x
Heating water 95°C 6 bar x x
Cooling water -10°C / 20°C 16 bar x
Cooling water -50°C / 95°C 6 /10 bar x
Chemicals on request on request on request
Foodstuffs on request on request
Pressurized waste water 6 bar x x
Pressurized waste water 10 bar x x
Frost-protection cable, optional x
Heating cable, optional x x x
Carrier pipe PE-HD PEX PEX PEX
Insulating material PEX foam PEX foam PEX foam PEX foam
Jacket pipe PE-HD PE-HD PE-HD PE-HD