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Uponor PEX 20 Pipe

PEX 20 UFH System Uponor PEX is the leading brand in the UK for polyethylene piping products for use in underfloor heating and plumbing applications. The systems are used in both new construction and refurbishment projects.

Uponor has perfected a special technique of producing cross-linked polyethylene or PEX, a material ideally suited to heating and plumbing applications, and was the first company to produce PEX-pipes commercially.

The manufacture of Uponor PEX pipe conforms to, or exceeds many International Standards.

It is certificated according to full SS-EN ISO 9001 requirements and SS-EN ISO 14001. This accreditation covers the design, development and production of all pipes, components and pipe systems manufactured from plastic and other composite materials.

In working or shopping environments Uponor PEX 20 floor heating is the perfect solution. From supermarkets and offices to lift lobbies and corridors this highly efficient heating method provides practical answers.

Areas with high ceilings such as office or shopping mall atrium are particularly suitable for Uponor PEX 20 floor heating systems.

Keeping the maximum heating effect in the lower part of the room space, rather than at the ceiling, means that Uponor PEX 20 can offer the potential for big savings in the heating bills of sports and leisure centres. Uponor PEX have devised special product designs so that underfloor heating can be integrated into the sprung floors frequently used in sports buildings.

Uponor PEX invisible, tamper-proof floor heating is ideal where heating comfort is to be combined with safety for the young, elderly or infirm – in schools, churches, hospitals, and residential care centres. There is no need for bulky, expensive low surface temperature radiators, or other compromise heating solutions. With no surfaces which need cleaning, Uponor PEX 20 underfloor heating is hygienic.

When used in wet floor areas such as changing rooms, Uponor PEX 20 underfloor heating system helps create a dry floor and reduces slip hazard.

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