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Uponor PEX 20 Pipe

Uponor PEX 20 pipe has been specifically designed for floor heating applications. At the core of the pipe is the Uponor PEX technology.

Uponor PEX is a cross-linked polyethylene – the molecular chain of the polymers are interlocked during manufacture rather like a basket weave. The result is a pipe with very high tensile strength combined with flexibility and unrivalled durability.

Uponor PEX 20 pipe has been designed and approved to EN15875 to withstand operating pressures of 6 bar at a maximum temperature of 95°C. Working pressures and temperatures in floor heating systems are, of course, below these limits.

Uponor PEX 20 pipe has an oxygen diffusion barrier to limit oxygen being drawn into the system through the pipe wall, which might otherwise cause internal corrosion of the metal components in the heating system. Uponor PEX 20 pipe is oxygen tight to DIN4726.

With a low surface friction coefficient and an almost mirror like internal finish, pump duties are reduced and scale deposits minimised/eliminated .

Uponor PEX 20 pipe has an additional outer layer of tough PEX to resist the rigorous on-site conditions and to protect the oxygen layer from becoming scored during installation. Uponors PEX cross-linked polyrthylene pipe

  • A system based on quality Uponor PEX cross-linked polyethylene pipe with a minimum life of 50 years.
  • Floor heating technology that turns the whole floor area into a gentle, radiant surface warming the room from the floor up.
  • An extensive range of water and room temperature controls for maximum comfort and fuel efficiency.
  • No creaks or groans – Uponors underfloor heating is quiet and unobtrusive with none of the background noise of a radiator system.
  • Uponor uses a 20mm pipe to enable the system to be designed with a small temperature drop across the heating loops. This minimises temperature differences in the floor and means that a simple serpentine installation pattern can be used – making it easier to install.
  • Uponor designs systems so that pipes are spaced typically at distances of 300mm – less pipe means that the system is quicker to install.
  • Only low temperature hot water is required – ideal for use with condensing boilers for low running costs and maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Uponor PEX 20 pipe is suitable for most types of floors and floor coverings.