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Underfloor Heating Controls

Temperature Control Unit Room Controls

  • Wired or radio control options.
  • 24v wired controls for our Uponor PEX Pipe (Wirsbo) systems.

Water Temperature Controls (WTC’s)
Underfloor Heating Systems need to operate a lower water temperature than conventional radiator systems, to prevent the floor over heating. For this reason, water temperature control is necessary for all Underfloor Heating systems.

  • Compact Control Set v3, which is a constant water temperature controller and is designed to neatly close couple onto our FM range of manifolds.
  • UP36 Electronic controller, with weather compensation or constant water temperature control settings. Designed for use with 3-port or 4-port control valves, or alternatively with our new pre-assembled UNIset (Midi/Maxi) control valve/pump packs.
  • UNIset Mini is our new innovative pre-assembled pack, which incorporates a thermostatic mixing valve, 230v on/off thermal actuator c/w end switch, circulating pump and telescopic by-pass pipe.