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Uponor PEX 20 (Wirsbo)

Underfloor Heating System Specification

The Uponor PEX 20 (Wirsbo) underfloor heating system utilises our unique high density cross-linked polyethylene pipe to circulate low temperature water. The pipe has a nominal 20mm outside diameter and incorporates a five layer polymer oxygen diffusion barrier in accordance to DIN 4762.

This system was the first underfloor heating system to obtain full British Board of Agrément (BBA) accreditation in the UK, and provides third party assurance of a minimum pipe life expectancy of 60 years.

The system can be incorporated into all three generic floor structures with flexibility to suit most hybrid systems, including acoustic floor structures.

a) Solid floors with the pipe encapsulated in concrete or screed layers.
b) Timber suspended floors using aluminium heat emission plates as the pipe carrier and heat diffuser.
c) Floating floors with pre-grooved insulation panels and aluminium heat emission plates.

Manifolds are of a module design resulting in a flexible installation configuration which allows future expansion. Manufactured from cast DZR brass and incorporating butyl rubber seals; flow manifolds include integral isolation valves for loop isolation with either a manual hand wheel or thermoelectric actuator valve. Return manifolds include integral lock-shield valves for individual loop regulation, isolation and system balancing. The complete flow and return manifold assembly includes flow and return manifolds, isolation valves and end caps with drain, fill, venting and bypass connections.

A comprehensive range of water temperature control options is available to suit either fixed or weather compensated water temperature underfloor heating systems.

To compliment all systems individual room controls include basic and programmable room thermostats with options for wired and wireless controls.