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Uponor PEX 15 pipe

Uponor PEX 15 Small Area Packs

An innovative new solution aimed at the thousands of builders and renovators looking for a quick and easy solution to the problems surrounding heating conservatories, outhouses and other areas with limited floor space. The new Uponor Small Area Packs come in a variety of sizes and provide all of the components needed to easily install an underfloor heating (UFH) system for a relatively confined space.

Small Area Pack 0-14m2Uponor PEX 15 Small Area Pack 0-14m²

The Uponor MLC pipe small area pack is an off the shelf package, a complete Underfloor Heating kit for small areas, such as one room extension and conservatories, to a maximum 14m² floor area. This pack should only be used when the UFH pipes are embedded within a floor screed.

The Uponor Small Area Pack is a cost effective solution for the provision of Underfloor heating to a single zone in properties predominantly heated by radiators. Using a, self actuating, Return Water Temperature Limit Valve enables the Underfloor heating loop to be connected to an existing radiator system operating at typical 82/71°C flow and return water temperatures and without the need for a mixing valve, manifold or additional circulating pump. Also, requires no electrical wiring. At system start-up the valve allows the Underfloor heating pipe to fill with warm water. On reaching its set point the valve will close, limiting the surface temperature of the floor within comfortable limits. As the return water temperature cools, the valve will purge small amounts of warm water into the pipe to maintain the floor temperature. When used in a screeded floor covered with ceramic tiles, the output of this pack will be limited to 100W/m² at 29°C floor surface temperature. (As defined in British/European Standard BS EN 1264). If used in areas with high heat losses, such as conservatories, the area may require supplementary heating if design internal temperatures are to be maintained at full comfort levels during cold mid-winter periods.

Return Water Temperature Limit Valve (FHV-R) connected to an existing radiator systemImportant Guidelines

  • The pipe will be laid with the Hottest pipe at the side of the Coolest pipe. This is known as the ‘’Snail Pattern’’, ‘’Bifilar Pattern’’ or ‘’Reverse Return Pattern’’.
  • The pack is designed for connection to existing 15mm flow & return copper pipework. Do not connect to mini-bore or micro-bore pipes as these offer too much resistance to the flow of water.
  • The return temperature control system can only be used with Solid Floors, having a minimum screed thickness of 75mm.
  • Pipe spacing should not exceed 200mm.
  • The concrete floor must have completed the curing process before heat is applied.
  • The underside & sides of the screed abutting walls must be insulated.
  • The maximum floor area shall be 14m², having a maximum output of 100 Watts per m² (31.7 Btu/hr per ft2), i.e. 14 x 100 = 1,400 Watts for 14m² floor area.
  • Please ensure the selected floor covering (including adhesives and glues) are suitable for use with underfloor heating. We would advise a maximum thermal resistance, for floor coverings, of 0.15m²K/W is not exceeded. This equates to a carpet and underlay TOG value of 1.5 (for optimum performance choose masonry floor coverings e.g. ceramic tiles).
  • The boiler temperature maximum is 85°C.
  • A check should be made to ensure adequate spare boiler and pump capacity is available to accommodate the extra load.
  • The existing radiator system will probably need re-balancing.

Pack Contents

Item Code Qty
Return Water Temperature Limit Valve DR FH 50 1
75m Coil of Uponor PEX pipe 350 150 043 1
Pipe Clips UK001009 150
Roll of edge insulation 60 60 00 50m
Connections 15 20 20 2
Compression Couplers 84 21 20 2
Compression Nut and Olive 77 10 15 4
Compression Inserts 02 04 36 2

Additional Items Required

  • Floor Grade Insulation (Insulation installed must comply with current Building Regulations document Part L1). At least 25mm depth of insulation is required to accommodate barbed pipe clips supplied.
  • Flat blade plastic pipe cutter (Item no. 010620).
  • Isolating valves.
Small Area Pack 14-28m2 and 29-38m2Uponor Small Area Pack 14- 28m² & 29-38m²

The Single Room Packs are a cost effective solution for the provision of underfloor heating to a single zone. Used only when the UFH pipes are embedded within a solid floor screed.

Supplied in two pack sizes;

  • 14m² to 28m² maximum floor area
  • 29m² to 38m² maximum floor area

Underfloor Heating Systems (UFH) are not difficult to design or to install but it is important that the guidelines and instructions are carefully followed to ensure that the system performs correctly once installed and has a long service life.

An Installation manual is available for all our Small area packs, these can be found in the literature downloads section.