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Uponor PEX 15 Pipe (Wirsbo)

PEX 15 UFH SystemUponor are the world leaders in underfloor heating systems and have been manufacturing pipe and designing systems for over 30 years.

With this experience, Uponor launched the Uponor PEX 15 UFH System - underfloor heating utilising the 15mm Uponor Quick & Easy PEX barrier pipe. This brings many benefits associated with using one pipe for both plumbing and underfloor heating systems and is readily available from merchant outlets.

The comprehensive Uponor PEX 15 UFH system includes a variety of installation solutions for all floor structures; manifolds with innovative design features, a selection of assembled water temperature controls and options for individual room temperature control - all designed and available from Uponor. Utilising our in-house design facility, you will be assured of the best solution for your project.

Uponor PEX 15 is ideal for domestic heating applications. There are solutions for all floor types meeting the needs of modern speculative house design. Our System provides advantages for the developer and is ready available from selected distributors for all contractors to purchase. The products have been specially selected for ease and speed of installation to reduce contractor’s time on site.

Uponor PEX 15 UFH has added benefits for the installer. Any competent plumber who has already installed plastic pipework can install the underfloor pipe work and manifolds. The techniques are similar and no specialist equipment is required. Commissioning the system is easy with the unique Uponor 15 manifold. Wiring schematices are provided to ensure easy integration with the hot water system. Our technical team is available to give product training and technical support whenever needed.

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