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Uponor Multi-layer Composite Pipe

Uponor Multi-layer Composite pipe Uponor multi-layer composite pipe systems, now offers the most comprehensive range of plumbing and heating systems available.

Used extensively throughout Europe, Uponor MLC pipe is both flexible and formstable. Its enclosed aluminium pipe ensures that Uponor MLC pipe is 100% oxygen diffusion proof while maintaining very low expansion rates, similar to other metal pipes.

The inner and outer polyethylene pipes prevent scaling and corrosion and its unique combination of overlapped aluminium and raised-temperature polyethylene (PE-RT) ensures that Uponor MLC pipe is the only full strength plastic alternative to copper and now gives the installer the advantages of both metal and plastic, but with the disadvantages of neither.

Offered with fittings ranging from standard compression to the superb “Press-fit” system, Uponor MLC pipe brings new and genuine improved standards to installation techniques. Currently available in 12 sizes, Uponor MLC pipe is now the first genuine pipe for all applications, be it plumbing, heating or underfloor heating.

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