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Floor Constructions

Solid Floor SectionSolid Floor
Concrete or screeded floors are the most common floor construction into which underfloor heating is incorporated. Uponor pipe has been specifically designed to be permanently embedded in a structural concrete subfloor or, more commonly within a screed. In either case, insulation is required directly below the pipework to minimise downward heat losses. The thickness and grade of the insulation varies with the particular design criteria. A clip rail system or staples, or pipe positioning panels can be used to hold the pipework firmly in place in line with the designed layout. Screed depth will vary according to the type of screed used, but for a sand-cement screed the depth is generally no less than 65mm with 75mm being the optimum.

Special screed additives are not required, but if used, will have no effect on the pipework.

Maximum Heat Output: 100 W/m².

Wooden Suspended Floor SectionSuspended Floor – Heat Emission Plate
A grooved heat emission plate can be used either to span the existing joists, or laid on cross-battens. Heating loops are then laid into the grooves. The floor void must be insulated, either with mineral wool insulation or with solid insulation, for maximum heating efficiency. Standard tongue and groove floor deck is then laid before the final floor covering.

Maximum Heat Output: 70 W/m².

Suspended Floor – UniFoil System
Suspended Floor Unifoil Section The multi-layer bubble film insulation is rolled out across the joists and fixed in place using UniFoil Clips. UniFoil edges overlap – but are not taped. Pipe is then clipped into the UniFoil Clip which holds the pipe in position.

Maximum Heat Output: 70 W/m².

Floating Floor
Any existing floor surface can be covered with the Uponor Floating Floor Panel – a 50mm thick pre-grooved insulation panel. Heat emission plates are laid into the panel and the pipe walked into the grooves. Standard tongue & groove floor deck is then laid and before the final floor covering.

Floating Floor Section Maximum Heat Output: 70W/m².

As an alternative for low height installations Uponor have a 25mm overlay system for use with 14mm Uponor MLC pipe. Ideal for use with dry screed flooring element such as Fermacell.

Maximum Heat Output:

  • 70W/m² timber covering.
  • 100W/m² with fermacell boards and low resistance floor covering.