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Uponor Housing Solutions

Uponor Housing Solutions The Uponor Group is the world leader in the innovation of Underfloor Heating, and Plastic Plumbing & Heating Pipe Systems.

Quoted on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and one of Finland’s largest companies, you can have confidence in our products and their support.

Parts of our group date back to 1620 and we have been in the UK for over 20 years. Uponor Housing Solutions was formed in January 2003 to bring together its leading European brands of Wirsbo, Unipipe and Ecoflex.

Uponor Academy & Distribution Our facility at Lutterworth, which is being expanded to house our rapidly growing business, houses the industry‘s largest customer facing, professionally qualified, technical team in our industry, based in the UK. The level of expertise within it is now regularly called upon as a reference point by the professions, third-party manufacturers and users alike.

We have also ensured that we have a size of internal and external sales support second to none, all of whom have undertaken technical training as part of their field preparation. Indeed our slogan ‘no sales without support’ is designed to make the statement that we always install support systems prior to entering a market.

The group‘s worldwide theme of growing its business by training, is being given meaning in the UK by the opening in early 2004 of the ‘Uponor Training Academy’, a purpose-built facility in the centre of the UK. Its modules will specifically concentrate on taking the perceived ‘mystery’ out of Underfloor Heating, and bringing forward our innovations in plumbing and heating pipe systems.

Our commitment is to bring all of this activity together with strong partnerships with distributors, specifiers, installers and developers to provide end users with the best product available to enhance their living standards. You can rely on Uponor to fulfil our clear intention of “bringing comfort to life“.

We will be delighted to bring our products and facilities to you, and if I or any member of my team can be of assistance, in any way, we would be pleased to be of service.

Nigel C. Parkes Managing Director