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Short introduction to Uponor’s history

The history of Uponor dates back to 1918, when Aukusti Asko-Avonius founded a carpentry workshop in Lahti. In the 1920s the company, which was trading under the name Asko at that time, opened its first store and a new furniture factory. The affiliated company, Upo Oy, was established in 1938 and furniture production was expanded to include household appliances during the 1940s and 50s. The Group entered the plastic pipe industry in 1965, when a pipe production plant was opened in Nastola. The internationalisation of the Group's operations began in 1982, when a new subsidiary, Oy Uponor Ab, was established. Through acquisitions, Oy Uponor Ab expanded rapidly into the Nordic countries. The company mainly focused on pipe systems for municipal engineering and building products, grew rapidly also during the 80s and, as a result of several acquisitions, extended operations throughout Western Europe. Uponor entered a new field of industry, hot water pipe systems, by purchasing two of the largest companies in the field, Wirsbo of Sweden and Hewing of Germany, at which point its business spread into North America. After the acquisition of Aldyl gas pipe operations in the early 1990s, Uponor's business activities had reached South America. In the 1990s, the Uponor plastic pipe operations became the core area of the Group's business operations. This marked the beginning of a new era, during which the Group invested strongly in the development of Uponor, which at that time was a subsidiary of Asko Group, and started to divest of companies involved in sectors further away from the core business. By the early 2000s, all the non-core divisions were divested, and operations focused on the core plastic pipe business. The parent company's name was changed to Uponor Corporation at the turn of the millennium. During the early years of the new millennium, Uponor carried out an extensive restructuring programme aimed at increasing efficiency and focusing on businesses where the Group had a strong market position, with the aim of securing a leading position as international provider of housing and environmental infrastructure solutions.

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